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Helping restaurants consider their impact on the environment.


Defining and integrating positive business processes and developing green marketing solutions for those who align with our vision of a more eco-conscious planet.


Get connected and involved with our considerate network of forward-thinkers and innovators today.


The sustainable revolution is already underway.

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Image of earth from outer space showing the planet lights at night
Teamwork makes the dreamwork at a business meeting with partners working towards a common goal
Team of non-profit volunteers on a beach clean up helping the community


Outreach is close to our hearts.

It is our mission to share goodness and educate across the globe. The healthiest solutions for society are achieved by first, an awareness for change and duty. Second, positive action at the individual level, whether human or organizational.


We work diligently to provide a world-class service and uphold our environmental obligation. Building an ecosystem of support and helpful resources to make sure that Partnership is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. 


Be a force for good and volunteer with our featured Non-Profits. Or connect us with a favorite Non-Profit of yours, to set up meeting so we can help showcase how they are helping people and the planet every day. Your time, donations, and energy are truly appreciated.

100 Billion plastic bags are used every year...

While only 1 percent are returned for recycling...

The rest end up in landfills or in the ocean... Consider it

Americans waste 1 Trillion gallons of water every year... 

The equivalent of 24 Billion baths...

1 in 3 humans face a water shortage at least 1 month a year...Consider it

Farmable land covers 1/3 of Earths land surface...

And they consume 3/4 of the worlds limited freshwater source... Consider it

A third of the food intended for human consumption is wasted...

Enough to feed 3 Billion people a year... 

Over 50 percent of produce thrown away is tossed for being "too ugly"... Consider it

500 species of land animals are on the brink of extinction within 20 years...

What would have taken thousands of years without human destruction of nature... Consider it 


Every minute forests the size of 20 football fields are cut down...

By 2030, the planet could be left with 10% of its original forests... Consider it

Sweden's Carbon tax has reduced emissions by 25%... 

While simultaneously expanding the economy 75%... Consider it

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