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Why Consider It

Founded in 2021

Consider It provides environmental consulting services emphasizing the integration of regenerative processes within restaurants. We embrace a strategy of empowering businesses from the ground up with individualized development plans, sustainable marketing, and advocating for positive changes with real impact. By creating a considerate networking community, which fosters growth and support, Consider It will accelerate the advent of a more sustainable future. Beginning with connections made in the local Jacksonville community and expanding from there.

Together, with our allies and partners, Consider It engages and mobilizes activists and leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life. If you align with the planet's wellbeing, we will align with you. Get in touch to learn more about our mission and partnerships today.

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About Us: Team

Walker Thomas

Director of Video/Photography

Walker has worked with Consider It since the beginning. After starting off his schooling career as an engineer, he aligned with his passions and finished out a degree pursuing his innate abilities with digital media. Once finishing his work with with CBS, Walker decided to join the Consider It team and do what he does best. He has worked on a variety of diverse media projects and consistently articulates stories through his directing mastery.

Walker Thomas Director of Film for Consider It and graduate from UF
Mason King founder of Consider it, studied engineering at University of Florida

Mason King


Mason founded Consider It on the basis of giving back to people and the planet. He enjoys a good read, solving problems, being by the water, laughing, time with friends and family, helping others, introspection, and the present moment. Graduating as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Florida he learned the depths of optimization and reducing inefficiencies within processes. He looks to align this background with his passions for doing good in the world and figured what better time than now to begin a company rooted in his own vision. A healthy and sustainable future for our descendants depends on the actions made today, consider your impact on the environment, then tell your neighbor.

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