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We are organically growing a network of individuals and business owners that in which hold themselves to a standard of considerate living. Considerate is an umbrella term, learned in classrooms as a guiding principle on how to treat your peers. Now you can apply it to your daily life, using it to build awareness around positive practice choices in regards to your impact on the environment and people around you (friends, customers, family, students, etc.). This community helps you consider influential decisions being made in life, government, and business and the affect it will have on our planet.

People in a maze trying to work together and get through it together with collaboration

Volunteer with our Local Partners

Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can take part is by Volunteering with our local partnerships. These non-profits have demonstrated exceptional stewardship toward the people of our community as well as the planet. Reach out to those organizations listed below on how you can get involved. If time is not an option consider donating through the links provided or look into our donate page as we have done extensive research on how you can make your dollar go the farthest when it comes to effective global charities.

People volunteering and picking up trash and litter in the local community

Lets Set up a Meeting

Get in contact with the link below to set up a sit down and discuss how we could align on bettering your restaurant and the planet. Communicating and aligning on a path of sustainable improvements is what we do best. Handling these changes for you while keeping you informed and connected on decisions. We look forward to making a positive impact within your business regardless of whether we move beyond our first meeting or not.

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Take Action: Team
PossAbilities Plus dandelion logo non-profit organization

PossAbilities Plus

PossAbilities Plus seeks to enhance the lives and opportunities of individuals with special needs through training, employment, and social opportunities.

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